Lolita Dream Items






Alice JSK Color: Red / Sky Blue / Pink (Photo of blue & pink version in not available at this moment)
Size: S / M / L / XL
S=Bust 82cm, Waist 64cm, Long90cm
M=Bust 88cm, Waist 71cm, Long93cm
L=Bust 94cm, Waist 75cm, Long95cm
XL=Bust 100cm, Waist 81cm, Long95cm
$74 + worldwide shipping $13

Ribbon JSK
Color: khaki  / Black
Size: S / M / L
S = Bust 82,  Waist 64,  Long 90 (CM)
M = Bust 88,  Waist 71, Long 93 (CM)
L = Bust 94,  Waist 75,  Long 95 (CM)
$69+ shipping (around $14 to all places)

Alice Rabbit Print Skirt
Color: Dark Purple / White     Print     Print2
Size: Waist 65-80cm, long52cm.
$68USD shipped with tracking

Cat Stitch Coat   Back  Cat1Cat2
Color: Pink / White
Size: XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL  size chart
$98USD + Shipping

Ballet Print JSK
Color: White x Black  Print        
Size: S Fit size S-M girls, long 90cm   
 $75USD shipped with tracking

Horse Print JSK
Color: Brown
$75USD shipped with tracking        
Size:   Bust          Waist      Long (CM)                   
          S    78-84       60-67      88                                                                                                                                             
         M    85-92       68-76      92                                                                                                                                                           
         L    93-100     77-85      95                                              

Lolita Dream - Melty Chocolate Replica JSK
Color: Pink strip / Mint Strip / Black Strips
Size Chart:         Bust     Waist   Long (CM)
XS:     80       62         86
S:       86       68         88
M:      92       74         90
L:       96       80         93
XL: 100      86         95
$89USD shipped with tracking (May +$4 for matching head bow in pink  in mint  in black)

Lolita Dream - Melty Chocoalte Tote Bag Replica
Color: Pink strip / Mint Strip / Black Strips
$35USD shipped with tracking   


Brand Items

My new account YikYu_Mine_716 is another LJ that focus on Hime style Items. ^_^ If you like to have updates from me. Leave your e mail, I will send you update whenever there is new item arrive^^

Brand & off-brand  items
*All price is in USD
*Accept Paypal, please add 4.5% paypal fee
*Welcome International buyers
*Feel free to ask question

Liz Lisa Style Flower Pattern One Piece

Color: Brown x Pink Flower Pattern
Size: Shuolder around 14", Sleeve7" (Elastic at the end of the sleeve, 8" max), Bust 28-36"(Elastic at back), Long 30"
$35USD + Shipping (US$3, elsewhere $6)

Liz Lisa Style White x Rose Flower Pattern Top
Color: White x Pink-Redish Rose, Cotton lace is white
Size: Free -- Shoulder14.5" sleeve18", bust free around34-40", Long 24" (elastc near the end24-40")

$35USD + Shipping (US$3, elsewhere $6)

Casual White x Lace One Piece
Size: Shoulder 14", Sleeve 23", Long 29.5", Bust32ish"
Color: White
$19 + $6worldwide shipping

Two-In-One Top Set  Detail
Size:  Outter (White) = Shoulder 16", Sleeve23", Long 23", Bust 32"
          Inner (Pattern) = bust 28", Long 27"
$29 + $6worldwide shipping

White Bows Top
Color: White~Offwhite
Size: Shoulder13" , Sleeve24", Long 27", Bust Free (44" MAX)
$49 + $6worldwide shipping


Flower Pattern One Piece  Back
Size: Shoulder 14", Sleeve23" , Long 30", Bust28-32"
Color: Pink / Cream White
$39 + $7worldwide shipping

White Top  Detail
Color: White
Size: Bust 32", Long 22" (not include strap, strap length can ajust)
$19 + $5worldwide shipping

Flwoer Lace Top  Print&Lace
Color: Cream White x Rose
Size: Bust30", Long 21"
$19 + $5worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style White Cape-Like - Top
Color: White
Size: Shoulder13", Long27", Sleeve 17-23", Bust free size
A top that looks like wearing cape.
$49 + $7worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style One Piece #1
Color: White x Brown Lace
Size: Long 28ish", Sleeve 22"including lace, Bust (elastic) 25-36", shoulder 10-16" (Elastic), the elastic below the bust area is 11"-32"
$49 + $ 8worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style One Piece #2   Ribbon & Lace
Color: White x Brown Ribbon x White Lace
Size: Long 30", Sleeve 23"including lace, Bust (elastic) 26-38", shoulder 11-17" (Elastic)
$49 + $ 8worldwide shipping

Soft Lace Skirt     Lace & Material
Color: Offwhite
Size: Waist24-30", Long 10"
$39 + $6worldwide shipping

White Soft Top
Color: White
Size: Shoulder 12",  Sleeve13", Long 25.5", Bust 36"  Elastic at the end
$17 + $6worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style - Cape Like Top   Lace Detail
Size: Free size, Length , Shoulder
Color: White x Brown Lace
$54 + $8worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style Lace Layers Skirt
Color:  White~Offwhite   /   Brown  /  Dark Brown   / Black
Size: Waist 24-28", Long 12.5"
$19 + $6worldwide shipping

Gray x White Dot One Piece
Size: Free
$44USD + $8 worldwide shipping.

Cream Flower Pattern One Piece
Color: Cream x Rose &  White Lace
Size: Shouler 15", Sleeve23", Long 30" including lace part , Long  27" without lace, Bust 32"
$29 + $6worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style Off-White Lace Layers Skirt-Short
(Outside looks like skirt in fact it is short inside)
Color: OffWhite
Size: Waist 24-32",  Long (included the top elastic waist part) 11.5", 5 lace layers in total.
$19 + $5worldwide shipping.

Bow Print Button Sweater
Color: Gray x White Bow
Size: Long 28",  Sleeve22", Bust free size, no zipper, have buttons
$26 + $8worldwide shipping.

Dear Plants White One Piece
Brand new with tag   tag2
Color: White
Size: Shoulder 13", Sleeve9", Long34", 34-36"
$35 + $7worldwide shipping

BuZheWu - Liz Lisa Style Rose Pattern Skirt-Short 

(Outside looks like skirt but in fact it is short inside)
Brand new with tag
Color: Dark Blue x White lace
Size: Waist23-38", Long 11"
$33USD + $5worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style Rose Pattern Cutesew
Color: Cream White x  pinkish / redish rose
$19USD + $5 worldwide shipping

Street Print One Piece
Color: Gray x Black Print x black dot background    OR    Dark Blue x White Print x White dot background
Size: Bust90cm, Long79080cm, SLeeve60cm
$29 + $5worldwide shipping

Ribbon One Piece
Color: Gray x Black Ribbon 
Size: Long84cm, Shoulder40cm, Sleeve67cm, Bust90cm  
$28 + $5 worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style Fur Cape
Size: Free
Color: White
$39 + $12worldwise shipping

Liz Lisa Style Flower Pattern One Piece (A)
Color: Brown-redish x white lace
Size: Bust88-92cm no elastic,  Long80cm, Sleeve60cm

$26 + $5 worldwide shipping

Liz Lisa Style Flower Pattern One Piece (B)
Color: Brown-redish x white lace
Size:: Bust 69ish-85cm has elastic, Long80cm, SLeeve60cm
$26 + $5 worldwide shipping 

Liz Lisa Style - Rose Pattern One Piece
Color: Black x Pink Rose Pattern
$26 + $5worldwide shipping

Star Pattern One Piece
Color: Gray x Black Star Pattern
Size: Shoulder14", Long34", Bust34", Sleeve 28"
$31 + $5worldwide shipping

Fury Parka
Color: Off-White
No button, have golden pin
$69 + $8worldwide shipping

Heart Pattern OP
Color: Black x White
$27 + $5worldwide shipping

NaRaYa Flower Pattern Purse
Size: M - 9 x 6 x 3"
Color: Black x Pink strip
$19 + $3.5worldwide shipping

Hime Style Skirt-Short    (Liz Lisa' Style @109 2)
*(Looks like Skirt outside, but inside isactually short)
Size: Waist:22"-30", Long 11.5" (Size S-M girls)
$49USD    (Shipping $3US, $5Elsewhere)

One Piece 4
Color: Brown
Size: Shoulder is elastic 14-19", long 26" , sleeve 22", bust free (max40").
$66USD     (Shipping: US$3, Elsewhere$5)

Hime Style One Piece    Detail
Size: Busta around28"-34" because elastic at the back, Long28"
$59USD       (Shipping: US$3, elsewhere$5)

Hime Style Top 001  Detail
Coloe: Blue / Pink / White
It's only one piece of clothing, pretend to have 2 pieces, but only 1
Shipping: US$3, elsewhere$4

Hime Style OP2  (Similar to Liz Lisa's style) @109 2
Color: Brown
$69USD          (Shipping: US$3, Elsewhere$5)

Rose Pattern Top (Similar with Liz Lisa' style) @109 2
Size: Shoulder14", Bust around 32"-36", long 23", sleeve 22" (Size S-M fit)
$59USD         (Shipping: US$3, elsewhere$5)

Hime Style OP3
$68USD     (Shipping: US$3, Elsewhere$5)



Cookie Mirror
Color: Light Brown / Darker Brown
Size: 67mm
$12USD shipped everywhere

Meiji Chocolate Mirror   Actual Pic
Size: 15 x 8 cm
Color: Milk White / Pink / Brown
$14USD shipped everywhere

Music Note Skirt (Instock)                                           Music Note One Piece (In Stock)
Size: Long 45cm                                                           Size: Bust75-95cm, Waist 58-80cm
Color: White/ Pink 
                                                       $72USD shipped with tracking         
$62USD shipped with tracking

Lolita Dream -  Jsk #3                                             Red x White JSk
Size:       XS      S      M      L      XL      XXL              Actual Pic #1       Actual Pic #2

$89USD shipped with tracking                                Size: Long 90cm, Bust free
                                                                                     $62USD shipped

Liz Lisa Mirror (Sold out form their website )
Color :White / Pink
$39USD shipped with tracking


Liz Lisa Doll Tee                                                                      Tralala Jsk
Condition: New                                                                           $65USD shipped
SIze: Shoulder 37cm, Long57cm, Bust84cm
$33USD shipped within US / $39USD shipped elsewhere


Tralala Top
Color: Black x white dot  (Left one on 2nd picture)
Size: long 78cm, fir 76-85cm bust
$49USD shipped

Tralala Cutsew 
Close Up   Back
Pink x White lace
Size: Long56cm, Bust: 76-88cm would fit
(Suggest for size S ladies)
$47USD    (Shipping: US$2, elsewhere $4)

Liz Lisa Doll (Bear ear  hoodie)  Autal Picture   Logo on Ear
White - SOLD
$68USD    (Shipping: US$4, Finland $13, elsewhere$8)

HAT logo on sleeve   Logo on bunny ear
Liz Lisa Doll Bunny Hoodie
Color: White
$68USD      (Shipping: US$4  Elsewhere$8